End of the Weekend. Boo.

Overall an ok weekend, although I’ve had a miserable sore throat and ouchy ears all weekend. The show was fun, with tons of booths and some gorgeous food, which I was extremely inconsiderate to eat in front of Phil (he’s deathly allergic to eggs in all forms, and can’t risk eating in places like that). Well, really – how could I pass up a booth selling roast pork sandwiches, or hot beef baps carved fresh off of an entire roasted ox? Not a chance. The fudge was pretty great, too. :)

I love watching the pony riders…if I only had a tenth of that determination and lack of fear. Imagine a tiny rider on top of a speed demon pony, its head almost pulled into her chest without slowing it down at all, legs and pigtails flying as they scramble breakneck around the course, jumping fences diagonally and sometimes sideways to save time. Amazing.

And there were goats. I LOVE goats.

Leadline Ponies

A Competitor from Our Barn

Getting Over Jumps…

…One Way or Another

Waiting in Jeans

Colour-Coordinated Waiting

Waiting at the Gate

Last Advice from Mum

Tiny Ponies for Tiny Girls

…And More Waiting


Silly Little Dogs in Baby Strollers…I Mean, Really! :(

Cattle Show


Scary Evil Goats

Little Adorable Sleepy Goats

4 thoughts on “End of the Weekend. Boo.”

  1. Love the pony and goat pictures. That poor dog in that trolly thing it looks really odd. Was the roast pork a hog roast, they are so good. Huge slabs of pork with apple sauce.

  2. Mmmnnn. Actually, I didn’t eat at the hog roast stand, as they had a huge line – I got one of the hot beef baps, dripping with onions. *mmmnnnn*

  3. dryadmeagenn

    Nice Pix. When anyone says “pony” the first thought in my head is always a Shetland Pony– like the overfed little Butterball that I rode while I was earning the money for my mare. That lead-line pony is very refined and beautiful–I forget sometimes that “pony” is also used as a size gauge. And those Miniatures are darling–one place I worked for awhile had a whole herd of them as well as their full sized Paints (and llamas, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, etc….). I don’t really see much usefullness to a Mini, but they are cute–and require every bit as much care as a full sized horse.

  4. My horse Kip is terrified of small ponies…he’s enormous, but if he sees them in a field he gets all tense and giraffe-like, ready to bolt. They must seem unnatural to him, little knee-high ankle-biters.

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