Eeek! Back in EVE

I’m playing hopscotch with my game subscriptions. Today, since I’d cancelled Warhammer, I resubbed to EVE Online. Aaaagh! I’m hopelessly lost.

Let’s recap MMO learning curves, shall we?


That pile of broken bodies at the bottom of the EVE learning curve?  That’s going to be me.  :D  That said, it’s not going to be boring, as long as I have the nerve to play differently than I have in the past (playing it safe in hi-sec space, mining, zzzzzzzz). I’d like to try something different…EVE is such a huge sandbox environment, and my own person favourite game is in there somewhere.

pirate_girl_001On the forums, I read about an all-girl pirate corporation, and was tempted. That said, as much as I like the idea of a jolly band of pirate girls having adventures and going “Yaar!”, in reality I think that is going to stretch my moral boundaries a bit much. I don’t think that I could disregard the fact that those are actually real people out there. I’ve lost ships before (although I wasn’t podded), and it wasn’t fun.

When I realised that mining was too boring to bear, I started running a lot of missions, and I kept running into the same problem (maybe this is just me being a noob): I would take the mission, haul my butt out to the designated area, and find out that my ship was too big for that particular jump into deadspace. I’d go back, get one of my small starter ships, make the jump, and be faced with a screen full of aggressive red dots. I don’t know how you are supposed to do these missions, unless you are supposed to group with others. I don’t think EVE is the kind of game where you are forced into some kind of LFG situation, but if it is, then I won’t be doing many missions.

Anyway, I and my very good ship Lollipop (I just had to) will be cautiously feeling our way in EVE.  :)

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  1. I’ve just resubbed to Eve again after having had a similar experience to you, playing in hi-sec, mining, and doing long boring courier missions.

    I decided to just do the kill missions, and found myself in a similar situation. My first thought was that I was going to get ganked by all those rats, but Eve is a tactical game so I headed in, fired off a shot at the most dangerous mob. Every rat started chasing me, but I effectively kited them until I’d completed the mission.

    If I’d gone in guns blazing I’d have been toast.

    Missiles help too! ;-)

  2. Let me tell you, as someone whom has flown with the Hellcats, and speaks out of game with their CEO, Mynxee, on a daily basis, that the Hellcats kick ass.

    I have never met a more sexy, nasty, PVP kicking group of women in my life.

    They’ve made me laugh; they’ve made me cry. Maybe one day they will even ransom me back my testicles.

    I would seriously give consideration to signing up with them if I were you.

  3. She does have a very good blog. You should also read Shae Tiann’s stuff, linked on Mynxee’s blog. They are two incredible authors.

  4. Wow, gee whiz! *blushes* Thanks for all the kinds words, Roc and Ravven. Seriously, Ravven, low-sec piracy is mainly not about entrapping helpless noobs and laughing as we pull their wings off. PVP encounters are the norm in low sec, anyone who spends any time there at all is not only expecting to engage but also to be engaged. We live for ransoms, loot, and the fight–and not just any fight, but a GOOD FIGHT, where both sides give it all they’ve got and you don’t really know til near the end who will win! If we catch someone who doesn’t want to fight, we’re happy to ransom them or sell them a pass so they can operate in “our” space free of interference from us. So you see, there is a moral code of sorts in how we approach piracy.

    You are more than welcome to hang out in our public channel (Hellcats Pub), convo me, or even come fly with us in a frigate (we do T1 frigate roams quite often) to see if pirating might be a fun career change. It is really a blast…we won’t steer you wrong and we’ll share our knowledge freely. Even if you don’t care for piracy, you’ll go back to high sec with more knowledge than you left with. Besides we’ll keep you entertained while you’re hanging out with us!

  5. Oh and…let me just add: If you come down to fly with us, I’ll provide a Punisher and T1 fittings. So…you’ve nothing at all to lose except perhaps a tiny bit of sec status should we make a kill. :)

    *Mynxee shakes the basket full of chocolates, offers it, and looks encouragingly at Ravven.*

  6. Oh yeah? Well, if you come fly with me, I’ll give you 50 million ISK, teach you how to make money while you aren’t even online, and, and, well I don’t know what else but I’ll think of something!

    At this point though, I think we’re both starting to look a little creepy, so I’m gonna back off.

    BTW, very nice artwork.

  7. No, Roc. YOU sound creepy. I simply sound enthusiastic about the prospect of another potentially really cool Hellcat. *grins*

  8. “low-sec piracy is mainly not about entrapping helpless noobs and laughing as we pull their wings off.” lol…thanks, I just snorted Pepsi all over my keyboard. :D

    Ooh, and thank you both for the extravagantly kind offers…I feel like the “Ugly Pretty Girl” teen movie cliche – you know, the one whom no one will talk to because she wears glasses, and the quarterback makes a bet that he can clean her up and take her to the prom. :D Anyway, again, thanks…and /blush. :)

    I’ll talk to you both in game, it would be nice to have some friendly voices in the void. I think I’m a bit lacking in l33t skillz right now, and I’d no doubt embarrass you both, but when I’m ready I’ll know there are nice peeps in at least two corps. <3

  9. Definitely not the ugly pretty girl from where I stand, just fascinating and pretty.

    As for leet skillz, there is no such thing in EVE. Basically having level 5 in a certain skill generally means you are at a maximum 10% better than someone without the skill. Having more skills trained means you can do a lot more things, and yes, having a lot of trained support skills does help, but it’s more about time spent in the pod than anything else.

    Last comment I will make regarding this. Don’t worry about embarassing anyone, we all do it, daily. The single greatest thing you could do to is get out there with people that know what they’re doing, and learn all you can learn.

    Fly safe.

  10. Just one more comment re skills: Our most fierce member has around 1.6 million SPs. Couple of our members are well under 3 million. In frigates, fit T1 as we often are, it’s really more about attitude and having fun. And being all those things Roc said, while eating chocolate and discussing art, sex, goth fashion, music, and all kinds of other stuff.

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