Eating at my Desk

…and trying not to get crumbs in my keyboard. Listening to other people’s personal conversations (Jo christened this lady Big Voice). “It was a FAB evening, you should have been there. We were naughty with Mike. And with Tom. I don’t know – what are YOU wearing?” I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation, as not many people would be entralled by a total description of every piece of clothing in a total stranger’s closet, and weighing the relative merits thereof.

*sigh* I need chocolate. Must be good. Oh, I forgot to tell the folks back home that the chippy near our house features Battered Mars Bars. Yep, just as it sounds: Mars bar, covered in batter, deep-fried. lol…

Here are some pics of the house-moving chaos. I’m too bored, I have to go away now and bother the techs.

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