Early Evening of the Dead

I am a zombie. I worked all day with only bathroom breaks and a couple of trips to get water. Only three more days to go, and then next week a lot of the pressure will be off when we start user testing. It all has to be done by this Friday, in other words.

Lots of images missing. A corporate site to get up. A whiny copywriter (who was mortally offended by the following conversation:

him: “I can’t write copy for everything by Friday.”
me: “You need to be working online, directly into the CMS. You’re working on paper and in Word, and it’s slow.”
him: “It’s creatively restrictive for me to be forced to work that way.”
me: “Whatever. A website is a production environment. This isn’t a novel, we’re here to sell shit. See where you are by Thursday, and if you’re behind, we’ll divide out the copywriting between Lawrence, Chloe, I and you to finish it.”

He was NOT amused. lol…offending him is presently the only sunshine in my day.

On the other hand, I bought Phil’s pressies today…biiiig surprise. And no, it isn’t the mailorder bride you keep hinting about, so don’t even mention it. You’ll neeeeever guess…


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