Dumplings, and an 800th Anniversary

Last night we watched an interesting, very disturbing movie that Phil had rented from Amazon knowing that I love Asia Extreme horror movies: Dumplings. I won’t tell you why it made me so squeamish, but it is worth renting. It wasn’t a horror movie at all, but more of a, I don’t know, psychological suspense/drama? Definitely not your standard fare. (ha, ha)

When we went into the centre of town to get a Father’s Day card for Phil’s dad, we realised (when it dawned on us that all the streets were blocked off) that it was the 800th anniversary of the charter of our town. There were tons of people, parades with all the town officals and service clubs were dressed in medieval costume, riding horses, etc. There were musicians and jugglers and wolfhounds…wonderful. I ate a rabbit pie for lunch from a market stall, and got an American-style brownie that was liquid in the centre. I wish that I’d known, as I would have brought my camera with me. :(

The vet confirmed my suspicion that Lizzie has Cushing’s Disease. Hell and damn. She still has the coat of a mouse, but she drinks and pees a lot, she has the typical pads of fat over her eyes, and her feet are ouchy…so over the next few years, it will get worse. This will make it tough to sell her…great timing, with a £6k tax bill to pay. I suppose the best that I can do is to adopt her into a good home, if I can find one that I trust…perhaps with a dressage instructor who will treat her responsibly at the end. I don’t know what to do right now.

2 thoughts on “Dumplings, and an 800th Anniversary”

  1. ohshit. I’m so sorry to hear it’s Cushings. Then again, it’s starting to make sense… but isn’t the life she nor you wanted for her either. Then again…the right place to spoil her might suit her best ;)

    am sorry you didn’t have a Camera for Sunday either! must have been a treat to see all that.

  2. Thanks – I’ve had a suspicion for a long time about Cushings, based on the peeing and the bulges over the eyes where there should be hollows. It also explains her tendency to get massive infections, and wounds that don’t heal, and also the slightly in-foal looking belly. :(

    I know that she can go on for years with medication and correct management – so hopefully I can find someone that will sign an agreement about not turning around and re-selling her, who wants to adopt a horse with all tack and compete in dressage for several years. I don’t know if she can be bred or not – I understand that is difficult for Cushings mares. And she’ll never be a backyard trail horse, so she won’t be suitable for a home like that. Very difficult to find the right person for her.

    But I’ve had her basically sitting around in a top show barn for about a year and a half at, what? $800-$1000 per month? It’s the only place locally that offers full care, which I need because of my hellish job. So I can’t justify keeping her and not riding her anymore.

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