Dreaming Today of Celtic Harps

I’ve been looking at buying another Celtic harp. I had a gorgeous one in the States, which I sold. I have pictures of her, as yet unscanned. 31-string (I think), nylon-strung, painted with vines and leaves on the soundboard. The finish had gone a gorgeous greeny-gold, as she was very old. She was my instructor’s first harp, actually; I took lessons on her and then bought her.

Ebay doesn’t have many at the moment, and none are affordable. Harps tend to be very expensive, anyway – I’m thinking about buying a harp kit, so I can finish it as I please. Wire-strung this time, I think – I’ve always loved the sound of wire-strung harp, although they are more difficult to play. A lap harp, rather than the larger floor harp as well, especially if I go for a wire-strung model. I’m thinking about the Brittany model, wire-strung. :)

Today was a strange day, weather-wise: rain, sun, hail, rain, sun, deluge, sun, hail… I spent much of it indoors, working on a micro-site for a local business. Nothing exciting, and it was very difficult to get excited about doing more computer work on the weekend. :(

Speaking of harps, I used to live hear this company – check out the custom-carved instruments.

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