Dream Paintings

I had a very odd dream last night in which I created an entire painting, from initial sketch to finished image. The central characters were Nook and his wife/sister Cranny – an ancient and terrifying pair of collectors of lost things. You know – glasses, tickets, pets, children. The type of things that you sometimes never find again.

The room was dark and overrun with spiders, lathe and plaster showing beneath torn wallpaper like exposed ribs. She was seated, while he stood to her side, a rusty tool in his hand (small scythe, shears, I don’t remember). Other than the sense of being extremely alien and evil, they were basically a sweet old couple.

How very odd.

3 thoughts on “Dream Paintings”

  1. Let me kick around plot ideas.

    It’s definitely YA. I picture a Coraline/House with a Clock in the Walls kind of vibe. . .

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