Dragon Age: Origins

Although I was waiting for P to finish Dragon Age before I played (since we’re trying to save money right now), I started a character while he was dealing with the plumber. The soon to be very rich plumber…but I digress.

I loved it. After a short, but vicious catfight over control of the game I retreated, licking my wounds, and ordered it from Steam, so I now have my very own copy.

As all the reviews state, the storytelling is incredible – it’s the closest I’ve come to actually feeling like I was part of a movie. The graphics are pretty good, and as someone who has mainly played MMOs, I suppose combat takes a bit of getting used to. But as P said, “it’s kind of an MMO without other players – perfect for you!” Well, I can’t deny that.  :D

I started with a human assassin, and did the noble-daughter story arc. Amazing storytelling. I got my mother killed once, which bothered me, and quite early into it I acquired the ugliest dog in the world, Grendel.

This Is My Happy Face

I’m now at the point on this character when Morrigan has joined our party, quests are coming in fast and furious, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the options.

I’ve also worked through some of the other class/race combinations. The dwarf commoner was quite amusing, and I loved the initial sidekick who sounded like Vin Diesel.

So, again gaming acts as the perfect escape from plumbers and leaking toilets and broken boilers and the flu. I’d much rather be facing darkspawn rather than plumbing issues, I’ll tell you that.  :D


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