Down on my knees

This is the song that was played at our wedding (a non-country, bluesy version sung by a great friend and his wife). For me, it’s a reminder that relationships can’t survive pride…sometimes you have to get down on your knees and say “I love you”, or “I was wrong”, or “I don’t want to lose you”.

I wore an antique wedding dress from a second-hand shop, the wedding was outside underneath a massive old tree, and I wore ruby slippers straight out of the Wizard of Oz, paired with lacy white ankle socks. The minister arrived on a Harley, my family made all the food, and Steve and Ellie sang. Our wedding totally rocked.

I learned to be strong a long time ago
And I can face any wind no matter how hard it blows
But I’d have to be stronger than I want to be
If I had to live without you loving me

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