Doors Close, Doors Open

As I’ve written before, with the demise of Top Sekrit Projekt I’ve spent a lot of time recently sending out CVs to jobs in London and so on. Then I decide that there’s no hope of a move to London when we’re owed almost £16k in back salary and have been existing off bargain-bin processed food. No jobs locally – or at least, no jobs that wouldn’t involve a £20k salary cut and ruin my CV, possibly killing my chances of managing another project. It’s been a very grim time, but there have been some side benefits…I’ve started working on creative projects again.

I’ve found that if you do creative work during your 9-to-5 job it seems to kill the urge to create something personal in your off-time. Don’t get me wrong – I love selling ideas that could potentially be extremely lucrative for the company that I work for. But I still miss being lost in that fever of trying to realise onscreen or on paper what you see in your head, to bring a dream image to life.

So, here are a few baby steps, as I try to find my feet again. Nothing that I would add to a portfolio yet, just enjoying feeling the hunger to work again.

The Foxes Beautiful Daughter

Warped Wonderland

5 thoughts on “Doors Close, Doors Open”

  1. I really like ‘The Foxes Beautiful Daughter’ but then I’m an autumn boy, born and bred.

    And you’re one of the people I’m thinking of when someone calls me a graphic designer and I say “I’m not. _Really_ I’m not.”


  2. Good.

    Email me if you want details.

    Sorry about your sekrit projekt falling through. That really sucks.

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