Dogs in Warcraft

Why are there no dogs in Warcraft? There are some dogs in game, but they use the various wolf skins…such as Stanley, the poor canine that you’re asked to poison if you play Horde-side. No one would do the quest if he looked like a Golden Retriever.  There is a pug pet, but I haven’t personally seen one yet.

There are tons of cats around. But it seems glaringly obvious that the world is missing dogs. I would expect to see tons of dogs in Stormwind, for example. Sure, in Silvermoon you would expect cats, but on the human side you really, really need dogs. People, human beings, need dogs.

Interesting omission, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Dogs in Warcraft”

  1. Rather glad I have never played Horde and if I didn’t hate WoW enough, I will never go back now knowing that. *Cancels Cataclysm PreOrder*

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