I’ve been sanding and painting today in the third-floor computer room – I can’t stand it anymore, and I want my little “apartment” finished. I’m tired of tripping over things. So, as soon as the varnish on the wood and the enamel on the fireplace and door are dry, we’ll take down the computers and desks and try to lay the carpet. I’ve never done that; I don’t think Phil has, either. Hey, how tough can it be? *famous last words*

I worked yesterday, but left a bit early when a crew of extremely foul-mouthed workmen came in to service air conditioning or something that involved standing on ladders and removing ceiling tile panels. Idiots. I got an email from my boss telling me to pencil in a meeting this month at the US office. I’m assuming that he means an in-the-flesh meeting, and not just videoconferencing. Come hell or high water, I AM visiting my family. I know that he is rushing the US rollout because this site had so many problems (we were guinea pigs, sorry, “early adopters” on the ecommerce/data mining software, which caused most of them). Next comes either Australia or Germany, and then the Asian sites, China and Japan.

I refuse to think about work right now. My stomach starts twisting up as soon as I do.

After we get the carpet in and the computers set up again, I need to do the proposal for this contract job. It was a hard decision; I am pushed to the limit and stressed right now, and any more work or stress is most probably NOT a good idea. But the money would be very, very nice…it’s like being tempted by the Devil. I feel as though I’m standing on a hillside, looking out over a landscape of riches and being told that all of this can be mine as soon as I sign on the dotted line. What’s a soul, after all? I probably won’t even miss it. ;)

Anyway, back to DIY. I have white enamel on my hands, anyway, and it’s all over my keyboard.

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