DIY Therapy

Feeling much better after resolution of the last crisis. :) I’ve been tearing apart the third-floor computer room. Stripped wallpaper and plastered in preparation for the paint. This will be an experiment, and may end up being painted over again. Presently it’s a deep blue room, very relaxing for computer work. We found some interesting Benneton iridescent paint (rather like an abalone effect) on sale for half-off at B&Q, and decided to experiment. The base paint and topcoat were something like 20 GBP original price, so it’s not something that we would have bought if not on sale. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I worked off a lot of stress last night by plastering walls with much energy but little finesse, watched by astonished three rats who were dodging flying glops of plaster.

Other than that, not much is happening. We went out yesterday to check on Kip, and he didn’t want us to leave. He followed us with his “Kipper face” which he normally only makes when anticipating his grain: quite fierce if you didn’t know him, with plastered-back ears and wrinkled nose. I think he was trying to herd us and keep us from walking away from him. He misses the attention, if not the work, and I feel guilty that the current situation has taken away from my time with him.

But, all will be back to normal soon, I very strongly hope. Then I will plan a flying trip back to the States for a family visit, and then I can get on with some of the plans I had for this summer. Travel, for one thing (as you know). Lots of road work with Kip. Finishing the third floor and painting the entrance hall, and refinishing the Minton tile on the hall floor. Doing some artwork again.

Life, in other words. I look forward to it.

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