I was getting depressed this evening, thinking that I had to face work tomorrow morning, when I realised…Monday is a bank holiday! Woo hoo!!! I feel soooo much better.

I was working today on painting the hutch that will go upstairs in the guest room/TV/reading room. No major disasters, which is unusual in situations involving me and paint. (There is a blog entry somewhere about us decorating our recently-moved-into house: Phil had gone out for more supplies, and I was painting the ivory walls of the living room with the dark green carpet. A full gallon can of paint upended all over me, the carpet, everything. I was hysterical, Phil was due back any minute, so I stripped off, bundled my paint-dripping clothes in the dustsheet which had paint pooled in it, rushed the lot outside -still starkers- and ran back and forth with towels and buckets of water, trying to get it all out of the carpet. With almost complete success, although our elderly neighbor has never referred to the site of a naked woman in the back garden who had paint running from the top of her totally white head to the bottoms of her white-printing feet.) The TV/DVD/VCR will go in there, as well as the glasses and decanters for our mini-bar. A couple of good reading lights, a comfy recliner in the computer room by the bookshelves, and I’ll be set in my little mini-apartment.

Phil has been watching one of the worst movies that I have ever seen, The Swarm. Michael Caine practically winced every time he had to deliver one of his painfully bad lines. Terrible…the kind of movie that wouldn’t even be funny if you were stoned. That bad.

We finally watched Kill Bill Vol. 2. God, I love those movies. Not sure if it counts as one or two movies, but I love them…I’m not entirely sure why.

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