First of all, I want to talk about roadworks. I spent 40 minutes in a long, stationary line of cars that stretched for miles in both directions. When I got up to the actual roadworks, guess what I saw. Anyone who lives here in the UK knows what that is…one guy in a flourescent reflective vest, staring bemused into a massive hole while he scratches his head. Wondering where the rest of his team is? Wondering why they dug the huge goddamn hole? Who knows? All I know is that you rarely see anyone actually working, and the traffic problems go on for months.

On a more personal note, I need to seriously re-organise my life. There is not enough time or energy to get the things we need to done. I want to feel fit and healthy again, but I rarely have time to make lunch in the mornings, let along find time or energy for working out each day. How to fit it all in? Where does my art fit into all this, and seeing friends, and all the other things that make up a normal life?

I suppose we all have the same problems…

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