Discovering the Horde

I’ve played Horde characters before, but dropped them all within the first ten levels. Now, though, I’ve discovered one whom I’m really enjoying, my troll rogue. Meet Shadowfyre, my Horde rogue pvp twink. :D

(Why, yes, I did intentionally choose one of “those” rogue names. You know, Shadow this and Darkness that. So sue me.)

I levelled her to 14 this weekend, and that included an afternoon clearing BWL and Onyxia on my main. I’ve never played a rogue before, and it’s actually a lot of fun – all that extra damage, plus the ability to stealth, makes solo levelling much easier. Another night or so, taking her up to 16, and I’ll see about twinking her out for PvP…it will be nice being on the winning (Horde) side for once.

Professions are herbalism and alchemy, with fishing on the side.

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