Disastrous Weekend

I /gquit this weekend.

In every guild there is a certain dicks-to-cool people ratio, and in this group like most, it’s pretty heavily weighted on the cool people side. But there are days when you fall on the other side, and gods forbid that happens on a day when you have just had too much.

I overlooked the recent anti-American bashing, ignored a lot of it and then made a few humourous comments defending my status “I agree with you about Bush, but THIS American is definitely smarter than a chocolate frog”. (Related to the comment that the average American is less smart than a chocolate frog.) That was fine, no hard feelings.

This argument was about gear. I know that fights over drops account for a lot of guild drama, and most PUG drama, but I’ve never personally been involved in one – I tend not to roll on anything unless it’s blatantly obvious that I need it and it’s miles better than what I have. This involved a ZG drop of a sword that no one else wanted (so it would have been DE’d), was marginally better than what I had (more magical damage, plus mana regen, but it didn’t have the 1% crit strike bonus). So I rolled on it. Comments were made over TS, which upset me, and then someone took it as their responsibility to start whispering me about it, which had me in tears; I completed the run, and then after the end boss I said “Sorry to everyone who thinks that I shouldn’t have rolled on the sword – sorry if it upset anyone. And thanks for all the whispers during game.”

And then I /gquit on my main. Logged out, logged in each of my alts and quit on those as well. And then (shaking and crying) went and got drunk. It was a slash-and-burn.

Yes, I’m well aware that it’s only a game. But the amount of time you spend in a serious raiding guild is equivalent to the amount of time that you would spend on a second (part-time) job. It’s a serious chunk out of anyone’s life, and you have to be very committed to do it. And it’s just not worth it with the wrong people.

So, just a game…but why do I still feel so depressed and adrift?

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  1. I think I know how you feel, although I’m still quite a nooblet compared to your main. ;)

    I feel that way when people start screaming because an instance run doesn’t go the right way or if I hit the stupid sheep.

    Alas, that’s why I’ve remained guildless.

    …for now.

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