4 thoughts on “ding :)”

  1. Every time blood elf gets wings Lothar cries in heaven *sigh* ;-)

    Congratulations fox-girl! Today my first DK got to 80 – had to faction change him from Horde to Alliance to get going, but woohoo fourth 80:-)

    Btw, what would be your battlecry? For the Horde, or For the Alliance? I love my Tauren druid to bits, but couldn’t fly Horde colors… They are just not mine.

  2. lol, TFM :) I’m afraid that I’m an Alliance girl all the way. I love trolls, but I have a hard time seeing most of my Horde characters as “people”. My favourite characters, like Kitsune, were kind of “born” with their own stories and personalities already in place. I just can’t do that with non-humanoids, for some reason. And belfs are just too…scrawny and bitchy. Who would actually choose to be Paris Hilton? :)

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