*ding* level 50

51 actually. :) This last weekend was a bank holiday, and I used the extra time to hit 50…and then 51. This is partially due to Ravven getting high enough level for me to access new areas that I can solo, and even pick up some quests. It’s difficult when you play solo most often, as you complete the quests that you can do on your own, and then your quest log fills up with dungeons and elite stuff that you can’t do on your own. I did a lot of grinding in the high 40’s, mainly to increase my tailoring skill, and then I was able to access new areas and start questing again.

Someone drew one of the dragon bosses into Stormwind, and I stood around like a tourist snapping pics (before I died, too).

My hunter, Kitsunecho, has a Razorfen Kraul elite black boar as a pet, named Ennui. (BOARdom? lol) I love him – he’s the Amazing Rocket Pig, such a tank, shooting off like a rocket to hit the target. I like the way that he looks, too – plate armour and blue tattoo markings, very cute hardass. :)

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