Digital Paper Dolls

I levelled my Templar to 14 this weekend, and then spent some time working on my Cleric. I’m still not sure which class I’d like to level after launch – perhaps both.

Mostly, though, I made a lot of characters and deleted them, playing with faces and hair. :) I love really good character customisation, and will treat it rather like a very elaborate paper doll game.

Dravven, my Templar, is an example of why customisation is important to me – I tend not to put any effort into levelling characters who don’t “click” with me. They have to have the right face – not necessarily a pretty face, but a face that suggests a personality and a history. This one is a big, strong girl, as you would expect a tank to be. But she’s not unfeminine…in fact, she has a bit of a slutty, morning-after look to her, with dark-smudged eyes and bleached platinum hair. After I found out that I could buy her cats-eye sunglasses, she got even more attitude. (Best 14,ooo kinah ever spent!)


Now, tell me that girl doesn’t have attitude. She’d be fun to go out drinking with, although there might be a fight or two before the night is over. She’d get you into trouble, but then watch your back.


Even the wings have attitude.  :)

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