Did It!!!

Quick Update:

Thank you for all of the good wishes. I put in my letter of resignation yesterday morning. (And felt very much like vomiting afterwards!) Responses predictable: team very sorry to hear the news, shocked that I had done it, but not really surprised. The “boss” not surprised, either, due to the conflicts that we’ve had over the site. “Is there anything that I can say to convince you to stay?” “No.” officially I am leaving because of the desire for new professional career challenges and growth, blahblah, but I did have an honest, off-the-record discussion with HR about the real reasons. I feel strongly about having loyalty to the company that you work for…but I also believe that companies have an equal obligation to have loyalty to their people. I don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t, or for one that has so much undercover nastiness going on.

Anyway…onwards and upwards. :)


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