Destiny 2: So. Much. Fun.

We spent a lot of the weekend playing Destiny 2, and after finishing the initial storyline and reaching level cap I have to admit that I really, really loved it. Not being much of a console player, I didn’t play the first one so I admit that I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did.

The game is gorgeous, and it’s a shame that you have to use third-party software to take screenshots as every vista and environment is stunning. The public quests/events are well done, and the game overall offers challenge without anything insurmountable.

I’d played as a Titan, and I have to say that punching things in the face is a TON of fun. :D I’ll have to level the other two classes for a comparison, but the kind of super-hero action of the Titan (flaming hammer of DOOM is so over the top) will be hard to beat.

Not a massive amount of depth, but the main campaign is fun and it will be a good game to pop back into to blow off some steam after work. You know, punching things in the face.

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