Sometimes I feel as though I am all want and need. I go through the day starving for something I can’t even name. Want, and need, and hunger. Possibly a new direction, a new path. Possibly just physical hunger…but not for food. Possibly just an empty space that I can never fill. I don’t know.

Does anyone else ever feel that? What do you want? I don’t know. All I know is that I want. Desire is all that I am made of right now.


  • smokerette

    i do feel like that often. and alot of times what i really want is things i used to do all the time and didnt realize how happy they made me. such as soccer, painting, etc.
    sorry ya feel that way

  • bubbles2nd

    I feel that way alot more then I like to admit… like there is this aching hunger inside me. :: sigh :: Anyway.. I also wanted to tell you I love the pic.. is it you?

  • wandringsoul

    Hmm…I don’t know – is ambition and desire what sets us apart from other species?

    No – cos I’ve known people with neither…so is it reserved for just some of us??

    Is anyone ever really content..? I’m sure we’d all like something more…whether it’s money, sex, power…

  • wandringsoul

    Actually – I know what it is – it’s the 90% of the universe they can’t find – Dark Matter – inside all of us – absorbing our lives, our energy, constantly demanding we feed it more lust, desire, yearning…

  • uathsaille

    I think that’s definitely part of it. I do yearn for things that were important to me and don’t seem to fit in my life right now. But you know…if I had the perfect life (whatever that is) I think I would still feel that way.

  • uathsaille

    Yep, webcam pic. Thank you! ;) I like seeing people’s pics on their blogs. I feel as though I know them better. But it is a bit scary putting pics up for anyone (my parents!!!) to see.

  • uathsaille

    Yes, as I said above, I think if I had the perfect life, I’d still feel that way. I think that’s one of those basic things that go along with being human.

  • uathsaille

    Even if it’s just a desire for another Twinkie or more beer in the fridge, I think we ALL have desires. Some are just more profound than others. ;)

    Hmmn…money, sex, power…yes, please. I’ll take two of each. :)

  • wandringsoul

    We don’t have any Twinkies – or beer in the fridge – you being more of a vodka kind of girl…

    Money, Power and Sex tho…I have to admit 2 of each does sound tasty…

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