Definitely a Monday

Too much work. I need to have a way of tracking everyone’s status on the various projects, so I don’t forget something on these tight timelines. I’ve been tracking tasks, defects, and enhancements in Scarab, the open-source bugtracking system that we use, but it’s not really meant as project-management software. Of course, if I started doing that, I’d been have Project Manager added to my title, and an equivalent pay raise. ;)

I heard something that I really liked on the radio this morning, unusual since I was listening to the local station for traffic reports and local news. They run a School of the Week promotion, and the DJs will talk to the kiddies on-air that have nominated their school. This morning, he was talking to a young teen and her little sister, and said:

DJ: I hear there’s someone special who lives next door to you.
GIRL: Someone special? Oh, my girlfriend.
DJ (after asking her name): Are you getting her a Valentine’s gift?
GIRL: Yes.
DJ: Boy, do YOU have a lot to learn! (laughter)
DJ to little sister: Do you like *name*?
SISTER: Yes, she’s pretty and she’s funny.
DJ: Do you spy on them?
SISTER: Yes, sometimes…
DJ: Do you ever see them snogging?
SISTER: No…. (laughter)

It was very sweet, very natural. If only we could all get this kind of acceptance, from our families and from the outside world. I was really touched.

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