Deck the Halls with Plastic Boughs, Fa la la la la…

Time to take the Christmas stuff out and decorate the house. I think that both Phil and I really need a swig of seasonal spirit. Everyone at the stable has been exchanging Christmas cards, and I need to do mine tonight. (I’ve been putting Kip’s reindeer horns on their horses and photographing them, and I’ll enclose the prints in the cards.) We have a plastic tree; it’s something that I said I would never have, but -aside from really, really missing the fresh pine smell- I don’t mind it. There aren’t needles dropping on the carpet every few minutes, and it’s a lot easier to take down. But I really do miss that foresty pine smell.

I ordered all three seasons of Father Ted on DVD for my family, and I’ll send some cash for my parents, as well. We don’t have much to spend this year, and it was the only thing that I could think of that they would all enjoy. Last year I sent a small watercolour of some of the old buildings in the town where we live, and a selection of goodies that they aren’t familiar with there (Christmas puddings, treacle sponge, prawn crisps, Cadbury’s, Christmas crackers, etc. It was expensive to ship, though – about £70 for the box. :(

Ooops, got to run. Phil’s made lamb and new potatoes tonight…yum. *bounce*

2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with Plastic Boughs, Fa la la la la…”

  1. Blimey, how do you ship stuff? I have never paid over £7 to send stuff to the states, I’ve sent allsorts. Food, clothes, dvds, sweeties. You must send a huge package. I am sure they will enjoy Father Ted, it is a fab series, I think they are showing the christmas special this friday if you want to see it.

  2. It was pretty heavy, in all fairness, probably mostly because of the puddings. But it did seem very expensive to me. If I remember right, we left it to the end again, as usual, and had to pay through the nose to send it. We lack planning, let’s put it that way. ;)

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