Decisions, Decisions…

I posted on the guild forums that I was probably going to leave, and gave my reasons for doing so.  I’ve agreed to wait until this weekend, when we’re having a big guild meeting to address all of the recent issues. It’s been said that raiding times will be moved back by a half hour, which would allow me to make the raids.

That’s good news, I suppose…and still I feel a bit meh about it.  A lot of the people whom I really liked have already left the guild.  (The people who I hate playing with are still firmly in place, of course…those people never leave.)  I still have the problem of needing to pick up my heroic keys by doing pugs, because there seems to be no one who wants to do normal runs anymore…which is a large part of why I’m tempted to leave.   If I move either Ravven or Kitsune back to Aggramar, then I’ll have a group of rl friends to do regular runs with.  I can depend on doing five-mans with a group of good players, which definitely isn’t the case when pugging.

I still need to find a good guild for Kit, who was the original reason why I moved to Aggramar – Ravven kind of came along as an afterthought.  The hunter leader of one of the top guilds on the server talked me into transferring, the meeting with her went very well…but the person who handles the in-character part of the approval process just couldn’t make time to talk to me, over several weeks.  So I got my nose out of joint over that and said that I wasn’t going to join their guild.  Meh.

And still, even with all of the problems, even with not having a place to belong…WoW is still the only virtual world that feels like “home”.  Over the past couple of months I’ve tried several of the other MMOs out there, and still have a LOTRO subscription.  But WoW feels like home.  What is it about the game?  There’s nothing else out there like it, nothing so immersive, nothing so real.  There’s a reason why it’s so famously addictive, and it’s not because the game is easy mode.  Kit feels real, she’s a person.  The world that she lives in feels like a real world.  WoW is the closest I’ve ever experienced to finding that magic door.  You know, the secret door or wardrobe or book that acts as a gateway to an alternate reality.  Warcraft, for the foreseeable future, is my secret door.

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