Decisions, decisions…

The Rift open beta is over, and head start is this week. Finally! The problem is that I can’t decide what role/class I’m going to play.

The first character that I’d rolled was a Cleric. I stumbled into an initial Sentinel/Purifier build just because I wanted to heal and dps, and I basically suck at any kind of melee dps. This gave me a solid levelling build where I could cast offensive spells as well and heal and shield, without switching specs. Not the highest DPS by any means, and more of a single-target healer, but fun in Rifts and fine for five-man instances. Lots of survivability. I later addedn a second role using Warden as a main soul for healing, but I didn’t get a chance to try it on any runs.

For the open beta, I tried a Ranger/Marksman/Blade Dancer build, and totally fell in love. Very close to a hunter in Warcraft, with some solid melee combat moves if the pet dies and I have to tank (I lovelovelove the Blade Dancer moves – it’s a very graceful slice-and-dice animation). Absolutely love her.

I’ll probably go with Cleric, just so I can be more useful in groups. She won’t level as fast as the Rogue, but I’ll be able to go into instances as a healer rather than DPS. On the other hand, I had so damn much fun on the Rogue…whatever will I choose? Decisions, decisions…

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