Deciding Among Worlds


I’ve been finding it difficult to write, difficult to come up with any ideas…I suppose that’s depression. And then I go through phases where I’ll post three times in a day. I am doing a lot of artwork, but most of it is crap.

I’m basically only raiding right now in Warcraft – that may change after the patch, though. I can’t face doing dailies or levelling alts. I really, really am looking forward to the new expansion, and everything else right now seems a bit blah.

I miss EVE Online, more than I thought I would. I was just barely scratching the surface of the game, and there is so much that I haven’t done. When we’re working again, that is definitely a subscription that I will renew.

I have another weekor so on my Warhammer trial, and I am still very much enjoying that as well. If we were working, I would think about buying gamecards to continue my subscription (I would not enter credit card information into that site). Maybe. I keep going back and forth about this…I treat it as a very casual game, but I do have a lot of fun playing it. A subscription is a fairly serious investment, considering how much we already spend on gaming.

Granted, there are no children in this household, which consists of two highly-paid adults with very little debt aside from a mortgage. We do spend a lot on our passions, because we can…we’ll never be savers, that is true, but we have fun. We buy new games, collectors editions, game consoles, books and DVDs…we’re like teenagers, although admittedly past our sell-by date. ;) We have four Warcraft subscriptions, we used to have two EVE subscriptions, and there have been AoC, LotRO, Tabula Rasa accounts. In the future, there will be Aion and Stargate Worlds. But there are limits.

For now, I am making the most of my free time on my two-blades-of-fury Disciple of Khaine, and having an awesome time. And later?  We’ll see…

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