Death’s Barbie Doll

In the last week of the Project from Hell, thank goodness.

I haven’t logged onto Kitsune at all, and have just listened over TeamSpeak as they worked on Yogg-Saron night after night, to finally get him down last night. Now they start hard modes in preparation for the final boss kill, and you know what? I am not missing raiding at all. I thought I would, but I feel released, as though I escaped. I miss everyone, and look forward to the time when I can be a slacking social member who can actually log in to play without everyone expecting me to raid.

While I’ve been working with the other developer on this project, we’ve spent a lot of time on IM, trying to figure out what is causing various problems. Since he is the “real” developer and I am the designer-with-coding-skills, he does most of the figuring out. :) While I’ve been waiting for each bit to be un-borked, I’ve been dinking around on a death knight.

They start out all cool and dark looking, as you would expect. Best looking armour set I’ve ever had. And then you start levelling…and what happens? The clown factor. Dravven is now pink. She looks like Death’s Barbie doll. And what is it about plate looking like hooker wear? Spellcasters, sure – they don’t have much armour to speak of, so put the squishies in hot outfits. But melee characters? Hmmph.


5 thoughts on “Death’s Barbie Doll”

  1. “Haven’t logged onto Kitsune at all” now I know why I couldn’t get a grip of you – tried to stalk you last week to say hello and rant a bit as usually, but you were nowhere to be found:-)

  2. No, I can’t log in when I’m not raiding. Even though they kind of know that I’m not playing much anymore, if I was online at night I would be asked to raid. Plus, as much as I love Kit, I think I’m a bit burned out and I’m having fun playing Horde for a bit. :D

  3. I see. Its better to stay low profile indeed.
    I will stalk you on hordeside someday then. Now, why you haven’t made your hordies on Moonglade is beyond me *eyeroll* ;-)

  4. Random drive by commenter here. I know what you mean, I took a break from raiding, oh, hmmm 8 months ago. Haven’t logged on since. And don’t really miss it. And that’s how I started EVE. :D

    U wish WoW had more to do than leveling, pvp, instances, raiding. Rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat.

    And yes there are professions, but they are pretty simple and really rely on the rarity of items rather than being interesting in themselves.

    P.S. you’re so right about the way Death Knights look and how it evolves.

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