Death Meme, as seen in ‘s journal

What do you think happens after you die?
I have no idea. That’s why I call myself a pagan agnostic – I have an open mind but no assumptions.

Do you believe in heaven?
Nice idea, but…no. I prefer to think of us as evolving. If, on a higher level, everything exists all at the same time, perhaps God/dess is what we become eventually.

Do you believe in hell?
Again, nice idea; I’d love to think that someday “Dubya” will be roasting his ass beside all of the paedophiles, but probably not.

Do you think you will be judged after you die?
I would like to think that there is balance in the universe, and that at some point you reap what you sow. Otherwise everything seems a bit pointless.

How many people would attend your funeral?
I’m not having a funeral. A good party, sans body, would be cool, but no funeral. My family and husband know that I want to donate any usable organs, and I would prefer for the body to be given to a medical school. I won’t care, at that point. Failing that, cremation.

Would you rather that people cry or laugh at your funeral?
Laugh and tell rude stories, please. And lots of good food and drink.

What’s better? A shot in the head or downing pills?
Death by gunshot is so messy, and so rude to whomever finds you. It’s just not me.

What should be written on your tombstone?
No headstone, remember?

Would you rather die childless or divorced?
Too late for either – I already have a child, and I’ve been divorced…twice.

Do you want to die in the morning, afternoon, or night?
Night seems most natural.

If you had a million dollars to leave, who would you leave it to?
To my daughter, so that she could follow her dream of being a fashion designer.

What kind of flowers do you want at your funeral?
No funeral. But I do love white roses.

On your deathbed, which moment will you most remember?
Too many to consider…I prefer the idea of your life passing before you.

Have you ever watched someone die?

What’s the most gruesome death you can imagine?
I could say torture or being burned to death, but actually the worst death I could imagine would be to die alone and unloved.

How often do you think about death?
When I look into a mirror after a late night out.

Is fear of dying your number one fear?
Not even close. It would have to be being all alone in the world.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
I’d like to, but I really don’t.

Have you ever wished someone you loved were dead?

Do you consider life short or long?
Way too short. Time flies by, and before you know it, you realise that you are getting old.

Do you think you have a soul?
I think all things have souls. Except serial killers and people who hurt animals or children…I think what makes them that way is that they are born without the indefinable something that makes someone human. Call it a soul if you will. Animals have souls, definitely, and are capable of love and humour. Some people are not, and therefore I would consider them to be without a soul.

Assisted suicide for a terminally ill person is:
A basic human right.

Would you choose to be immortal, if you could be?
Interesting thought…and I’m not sure. There would be good points and bad points.

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