Day Off. w00t!

I have a day off today, as I have to meet the farrier at noon, and I’m taking some time to work on mockups for a project that I have agreed to do some freelance work for. The mockups are needed for the meetings at which they hope to raise venture capital. It’s something different, although the extra work is tough right now.

Phil was idly watching TV last night, as by the time I got home and we got something for dinner it was after 9:00, and there was one of those programmes on that I HATE – the super-nanny will fix all your problems with your horrible children type programme. It sends me up a wall. Do they ever show normal families with problem children? No. They’re all the same: non-working, illiterate parents with all of these kids that they neither discipline nor feed properly. The parents swear and scream, but the kids still throw tantrums, swear back, even bite and kick their parents…if I had ever done that, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I’d be buried under a tree in my parent’s back garden. Plus, I firmly believe that there is a place for spanking. Not beating, but spanking for terrible transgressions. You don’t have moral discussions with small children – they won’t understand anything, and they’ll only appreciate that they’re finally getting some attention. A child that screams “fuck you!” at a parent, hits their thigh and tries to bite them deserves a good, hard spanking and loss of privileges. Someday he’ll be sixteen and adult-sized, and THEN what will you do? Move away and hope he doesn’t track you down? Aaaaggh, I hate these people.

On a less infuriating note, I TOTALLY heart my Isabell Werth saddle. I am so happy that I bought it. I’ve had problems with Kip because he’s both slow to respond to the leg, and unbalanced, so he always throws me off-balance, especially when I have to use a lot of leg on him. When I lose my balance, then he goes further out of balance, and it’s been tough to deal with. The new saddle puts me in a much better position, with my leg farther back under me, and when I added the largest kneerolls (hopefully a temporary crutch), it all came together. It’s like having a hand gently guiding you back into position as you ride – I love it. Kip is staying much rounder and moving out better, as well.

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  1. wandringsoul

    Yeah, yeah…day off – AND you pick the one damn day that it’s sunny.

    Lucky sod.

    : )

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