Day Off

First, somthing amusing from a discussion on : reimagined romance covers, such as the example below:

I had taken a day off today for Kip’s appointment with the osteopath, which was cancelled yesterday by his office as he is sick. It will be several weeks before they can reschedule. Poo.

Tomorrow night I’m going to look at the mare in my previous post, the one who had done affiliated dressage. The only thing that makes me nervous is that she had a previous problem caused by a poor farrier who altered the alignment and balance of her feet, causing back and other problems, which a better farrier took a long time to get right. The farrier that I use for Kip (the only one who would both keep appointments and take on new customers) does horses like a factory line, and if I try to discuss angles or balance with him, he looks at me as though I’m speaking Swahili. That worries me…but it would be a problem for any horse I get, until a new/better farrier moves into the area.

Other than that, I’m having a quiet day doing housework and some php work on a CMS/shopping cart framework for hosted sites. Nothing really exciting. The storms last night were incredible; we were watching photos and footage of the lightning on the news.

Ok, back to housework.

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