Day Off

Phil and I are lazing around the house, having had a day off. We had a day off yesterday, as well, but we were very busy and virtuous, so today is a lazy day. :)

Kip’s new fly sheet lasted two days. Someone kindly retrieved it from the pasture this morning for me. I don’t know what he does – his rugs look like he was attacked by badgers in the middle of the night; he did the same thing to his winter turnout.

Went for a short ride, and his back returned to previous “ouchy” state, even after a week off, massage and accupressure. If he doesn’t get better, I think we’ll have to look at taking him to the equestrian centre nearby where they have an equine physiotherapist. :( Not great, as this has been an expensive month.

Another big chunk of cash to plan for this month: I can finally apply for British citizenship! The fee is just under £300, with taking it to one of the centres that will do everything in a day for an extra fee and let me take my passport back home, in case it’s needed for a family emergency. The process will still take months and months – there’s no way that I can fast-track that, but at least I won’t be without a passport.

This is something that means a lot to me, something that I have been looking forward to, but there are a lot of very mixed-up feelings tied up with it. It feels…different…than I thought it would. And I can’t explain what I mean by different, just sort of melancholy, I guess. Although I personally consider this as giving up my US citizenship, legally it’s not, really. Britain recognises dual citizenship, and America kind of has a don’t ask / don’t tell policy (you have to go and formally pee on a flag or something at the the US embassy to revoke your US citizenship). But I am considering this as becoming a permanent resident, for good, for bad, of Britain. I suppose it’s time to tell my family. Yikes!

Anyway, I’m going to be very bad now and go downstairs and read and drink vodka and pepsi. *s*

2 thoughts on “Day Off”

  1. Kip must go and roll in brambles when you are not looking. I know the pony I see our front window enjoys rolling around. He seems to spend at least ten minutes going from side to side and onto his back. He does look funny doing it.

    Good luck with breaking the news to your family.

  2. He probably is, since it’s completely shredded. He definitely needs to get a job if that’s what he’s going to do. ;)

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