Dark Wonderland

Good news today: they’re finally going ahead with the movie adaptation of American McGee‘s Alice. It will star Sarah Michelle Gellar, which could be better but on the whole isn’t too bad. Other names that were talked about in the past were Natalie Portman (has the look, a little lightweight tho) and Milla Jovovich (absolutely PERFECT!!!). I can’t wait for this – I’ve always thought that a dark, twisted version of Alice, as per the game, would make a kickass movie. *happy in pants*

Otherwise, it’s just work. The air con isn’t working, and it’s sweltering in here. Plus the customer service ladies are in full voice, and are also taping boxes for shipment. “RIIIIP! RIIIIIP!” It’s going through my head. :(

2 thoughts on “Dark Wonderland”

  1. Yeah, Alice was a pretty cool game…

    About Customer Service ladies; you get that there too?? hehe, why is that. The Verifications department ladies here are always really loud. Plus they talk to this automated system all the time that takes voice commands, but never understands them, so we hear this all day: “zip…code…… Zip Code… ZIPPPPP. COOOODEE… ZZIPP!! COOODE!!!” hehe, until it recognizes what they’re trying to say, it’s hilarious…

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