Dark Side

I’ve gone over to the dark side. After months of saying that I wouldn’t, that I was waaaay to busy, I finally set up a Warcraft character. Omigod…this may be the last you ever hear from me.

It’s a human warlock named Ravven (of course). Warlocks can eventually get the cool horses with flaming feet. After hours and hours of play…weeks and months and then I’ll turn into Phil, whom I never see anymore because of his Warcrack addiction.

We went to Stafford today, shopping for new clothes; it’s been ages since I went shopping…but I had fun. I bought soft, crumpled suede boots to go over skinny jeans, a wide brown leather belt, and some tops. I found a store with gorgeous, fun, urban-fae clothing, laced camisole tops with beading and crystals, everything distressed and ragged and sparkly. Perfect.

On the way home, Phil ran some old people off the road.

Not really, but I know he was thinking about it. lol…

Work is good. Big meeting on Monday with the two companies who are funding the startup, to talk through exactly what the site needs to do for all the different user groups, so I can determine timelines and resources needed. Two developers have been hired, one a .NET developer and the other a very good developer who happens to be a php developer, but was too good to let pass by. And so we go.

I’m off to ride Lizzie. Warcraft, get thee behind me.

4 thoughts on “Dark Side”

  1. I’ve been tempted to play warcraft but I already have several other games on the go, I’d never get anything else done if I took up another one.

  2. That’s why I swore that I would never play this one – I’ve seen too many people get addicted. :)

  3. wandringsoul

    And now you’re dooomed… DOOOMED!!

    : )

    …like the flame-hooved steed you aspire to – dragged screaming from the depths of hell – you are as much a slave as your imp! : )

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