Dancing Dogs

draft_lens2268915module12400001photo_1225592379funny_dog_pictures_circus_dogI just made up a fake resume this morning. Oh, I didn’t fake any experience – I just separated my resumes into two versions: one with project management, and one with just the design, architecture and SEO stuff on it, as though I’d been just one of the guys on the team.

I’ve never been out of work before, and I have to say that this has been one of the most soul-destroying periods of my life, ever. I feel like a dancing dog in a circus. Those of you who have been following this know what I feel about employment agencies, both as an employer and as a new applicant – for the most part, they’re pretty slimy. But I try, every damn day, taking all their calls and being charming and answering the most unbelievably personal questions. I smile while I talk to them, since if you make a smile you can hear it in your voice. I send out CVs for everything possible – probably for the same jobs over and over, since at this point they are all running together.

And I don’t get called for interviews, many times for jobs that are way below my present career level and experience. Jobs that I would never, ever have considered previously. I’ve been told that I am “too technical” for project management jobs that I dearly wanted (ie, I had too many hands-on skills) and the management stuff scares off anyone who just wants a garden-variety web designer.  I give up.

And so I smile and balance balls on my nose, panting for approval, hoping to find a home of my own. But it is tiring, so very tiring.

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  1. It’s true. Sometimes having management experience on your resume can be a negative rather than a positive. I saw that in my own case when we moved to NM so my wife could go to school. We didn’t need much money, and I didn’t want to work a lot, so I was looking for something like 30 hours a week.

    People would look at my resume and say, “Uh, you were the Director of Operations at a 150 million a year computer company, and then left that to be a founding partner in an Accounting Software firm. Why do you want to work here?”

    “I’m lazy” is not the answer they are looking for.

    I’m really really fortunate that I stumbled into the gig I did. I know how lucky I am, because I see so many people who are far more talented and hard working than I am NOT finding the work that they need.

    I hope you stumble into something good, too. And soon. Or possibly that you become and international hitwoman for a million dollars a job. Whichever.

  2. “I’m lazy” is not the answer they are looking for.

    lol…I suppose not. :) And thank, I hope I do as well – something has to happen soon.

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