Damn, I Moved to the Wrong Country

Survey says Brits are foreplay flops

Brits are a flop when it comes to foreplay, according to the biggest ever survey of its kind. The research found 80% of British men didn’t even know what foreplay was, mistaking it for a sport, a computer game or an item of clothing.

Beau Blue commissioned the survey of 10,000 men and women, aged 17 to 70, to mark the first ever National Foreplay Day.

Jordan, chosen to front the event, said: “These results are so shocking that even I was surprised. “Sex without foreplay is like toast without butter and yet some people in this country think that it’s okay to get away without doing it, but not in my book.”

Men rated themselves very highly at foreplay, with 70% giving themselves 9/10 for their technique. But the ladies begged to differ. They gave men just 6/10, and rated themselves even lower, at 5/10. Gay men and women were the kings and queens of foreplay, spending 25 minutes more on foreplay than the national average.

The survey also found that accountants spent the most time on foreplay, an average of 40 minutes, while shop assistants spent as little as two minutes on foreplay. The survey suggests a gender divide on foreplay with 84% of men preferring full sex, whereas 62% of women preferred foreplay. Both men and women enjoyed sex toys, but only 23% of men admitted to buying one for themselves, compared to 63% of women.

lol…that is VERY funny. Mistaking it for a sport? That has to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. So to speak. *g*

Not much happening. The new place is almost ready for prime time, although Phil and I are run ragged. Only the main bedroom left to paint – woo hoo! Phil’s soon-to-be exboss is coming over to dinner tonight, before he heads off to Wales, and the gang will be over Friday night for Mexican food (prior to hitting the pubs). That was planned, you know…just in case no one realised. I heard all the stories about the BBQ at Deb’s place, featuring food fights and spare ribs behind the couch cushions. No, thanks! :)

5 thoughts on “Damn, I Moved to the Wrong Country”

  1. levanah_vervain

    Maybe Scottish men are above average then? Glad I’m not in England :)

    Did it not say when National Foreplay Day is?

  2. wandringsoul


    Excuse me – but: They (women) gave men just 6/10, and rated themselves even lower, at 5/10.

    So – what does that say?? Hmph!! I’m here to defend English men and foreplay. Ok – that’s it, over – all I neded to do right?

    Oh – and as for Scottsh men…somehow I think that the colder the country, the shorter the foreplay…

  3. wandringsoul

    And what would Jordan know about foreplay anyway?? If you played with her boobs she’d never feel it, and if you went any lower she wouldn’t be able to see who was doing what!!

    I see she ‘fronted’ the event…


  4. I think the difference is that men rate themselves very high at everything, and women don’t. Women will agonise over being seen on the beach when a few pounds overweight, whereas most men will look at themselves in tiny shorts, obscured by a hanging beer gut, and say “Man, do I look GOOD! I am SO hot.” So, of course, they will congratulate themselves on their foreplay technique…whether or not they actually have one. lol…

    There are exceptions to the rule, of course, dear Wandring Soul…don’t get defensive! :) I just thought that it was a funny article.

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