I haven’t been writing a lot…not blog entries, not email, not Twitter, not writing projects, nothing. Perhaps it’s a result of the Thirty Covers in Thirty Days project that I set myself…I’m working on those images during most of the day, and perhaps I’m in purely visual mode.

I’m still playing some Warcraft, but basically I’m just doing the Firelands dailies on my hunter and shaman. I couldn’t bear to do it on any of the others, it is painful enough to just do it on two! I need to get out of this rut, and start pugging some instances. Blech. Or perhaps not.

This is a pretty MMO-free period for me, which is a good thing in terms of not being distracted by gaming. Star Wars: The Old Republic is in the hazy future, and Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World are even farther away. That is a very, very good thing right now, as I have all the willpower of a three-year-old in a candy shop when it comes to shiny new MMOs.

These are my dailies:

1. Wake up. Feed cats. Little bastards want breakfast at the crack of dawn, and have evil habits of rattling the door handle, running their claws along the metal of the bedroom radiator (or on the wallpaper, which is worse), etc. to wake me up.

2. Drink coffee and eat Special K while I read the morning news. I am way behind on keeping up with my blog feeds and Twitter.

3. Hit the job sites. If I was a pure developer I would have no problem finding something (rather than the more amorphous UI/UX designer, brand manager, web designer, etc.).

4. Do dailies on my hunter, which goes quite quickly.

5. Work on my portfolio – I want to start sending out emails next week.

6. Lunch and one of our recorded TV episodes (currently we’re trying to follow Carnivale, Falling Skies, and Camelot). Or my beloved Big Bang Theory.

7. Try to do dailies on my shaman, which is slow and painful in comparison with Kitsune the hunter.

8. More art, which takes us up to the end of the “work” day.

Hey, it’s not very exciting, but it’s a living. Actually, it isn’t – but I am hoping that it will. :)

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