Customer Service

This is an open letter to the stupid cow working at the local camera shop.  Your nicely-stacked display of Canon EOS 400D kits in the window caught my eye – the package with the normal and telephoto lens, etc.  Not an inexpensive item.

I went inside to see how much you were selling them for.  I probably wouldn’t have bought one today, as I’ve been pricing the 400 and 350 on eBay…but I might have.  Tomorrow, or next week, I might have gotten a wild hair and decided that I had to have one TODAY, and bought it in your shop.

Too bad you ignored me standing in front of the counter for almost five minutes while you explained the arcane workings of the cash register to the new girl.  I was two feet in front of you, staring at you, and you didn’t even acknowledge me at all.  I waited, and then I left.

When I get said wild hair and have to buy that camera now, I will crawl twenty miles over broken glass, through minefields, swim through lakes of vampire leeches and piranha just so that I don’t have to buy it from your fucking store.

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