Cunning Plan, Part II

Though it is obvious, so few of us actually do this: Donate. The Red Cross. They’ll accept as little as $5, which is within the reach of any of us. I just donated, and I know we sure as hell can’t afford it right now, but sometimes you have to do something. Don’t stop posting about it, but do something of tangible value…send a little cash.

Now, that’s a cunning plan. ;)

2 thoughts on “Cunning Plan, Part II”

  1. thanks for the reminder. I just went to Yahoo’s main page and clicked the red cross link there. minimum was $25, but it’s the least I could do, and I appreciate your post reminding me to do it :). Thanks!

  2. That’s kind of why I posted about it, because I spend so much time saying “somebody needs to do something” …when that somebody should be all of us. :)

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