Crisis of Confidence

I’ve been looking at Nihilum warlock Armory profiles, which is a bit like comparing yourself to stick-insect supermodels in Vogue…it’s bound to make you feel like the dog’s dinner.  :)

My gear isn’t bad for what we’re doing, consisting mainly of tailored items (frozen shadoweave, spellstrike pants & hood, Belt of Blasting, and so on.  It’s not Mt. Hyjal or Black Temple gear, of course – but who is decked out in that gear on most servers? It’s not wonderful, though.

I’ve been struggling with damage output in raids.  Destruction is very gear-dependent. You do fairly crappy dps until you get good gear, gems and enchants, and then you top the charts.  I spent a lot of gold getting my plus hit rating up, which is necessary to avoid all of the missed casts, but I lost some spelldamage and crit at the same time. To contrast, there’s this guy, with 235 hit, 20.85% crit, and 1406 spelldamage.  *sigh*

So yesterday I re-specced to Affliction.  I absolutely HATE affliction. Ok, maybe I just don’t understand the fine points of how to raid as an affliction lock, but it’s not as much fun as pewpew.  (Admittedly though, at the moment I’m doing *pewpew* not *OMGPEWPEWLAZORZ!!!1!*) Now I have too much hit, and need to redo all my gems…unless I respec back.  Or quit.  Or play a different class.

Meh.  This is exactly like looking at a six and a half foot tall, blonde, 85lb model in Vogue, and comparing it to yourself, standing naked in the bathroom.  You’re just not brimming with confidence after doing so.  *sniff*

6 thoughts on “Crisis of Confidence”

  1. Scary part is, that thanks to Armory everyone can see you naked in bathroom:-) But well, compere yourself to some foxy neighbour girls instead (mean, other locks in your guild) and confidence will be back on track.
    Works for me.

  2. If I can I’d like to give you an advice.
    Even Affliction specced you still need a lot of +hit being the affliction talent only for Dots.
    Since your damage still come 50% from shadowbolt it is a good idea to have at least 180-200 hit rating.
    You should lower your +hit only if you have Magtheridon eye, otherwise don’t worry, +hit is still the best stat to rise.

  3. Thank you, Rezio – I appreciate that. :) I waffled for a day, though, and then re-specced back to Destro. That’s the way that I like to play, so I figure I’d better learn how to make it work.

    And hi, Ty. :P

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