As time goes by, I find myself getting crankier and crankier with people.  Not that I argue in general chat, or have emo hissyfits in guild or anything, but people just really bug me.  Here is what I’ve done for the last two weeks:

1.  Didn’t run Kara this week because we’re rotating people through one group still – we have enough DPS for two groups, but not enough healers or tanks (we’ve got tanks, but none of them seem to want to stay protection.  WTF?  Sorry, dude, then what use are you?  A mage can do the same dps, and has crowd control as well – same with rogues and even locks, so who needs someone with no CC capabilities who can’t offtank?).

2.  Did an abbreviated Shattered Halls  pug where the druid tank aggroed everything, DC’d and didn’t come back, and the hunter had to go because his mother was calling him.

3.  Did a Shadow Labs guild run with a DPS warrior (see above rant) who was afk half the time.  The druid healer had an emergency and had to drop out, and a priest came in – the one with no raid experience who wiped a Kara group TWICE in the same place by accidentally pulling the same group of mobs. Got extremely tired of dealing with the priest trying to tell everyone how to play, waiting for the warrior to no longer be afk, and racking up huge repair bills.

4.  Did an awful lot of grinding, since I want a netherdrake mount.  I hadn’t bothered about the epic flying mounts before, but the dragons are just too cool – I have to have one, hence the need to somehow acquire 5k for the riding skill.  There’s too much competition for elementals on our server, even at ungodly hours like 4:00 am, so instead I’m farming things like arcane tomes, signets, dampscale basilisk eyes (go figure), and leather.  Arcane tomes go for about 12g per tome, so they’re quite lucrative.

5.  Worked to level up fishing.  I cook a lot of food that gives nice buffs, such as Golden Fish Sticks which I send to the nice priest, which give something like +44 healing and +20 spirit.  Sweet.

6.  Levelled my priest to 37.  I’m just grinding right now, since all of her quests are red.  She’s quite effective – she can take a level 42 mob, and two mobs at 40 with no problems – she does so much damage, and is very mana efficient.  It’s a lovely class…someday I’ll have to try healing.  *gulp*

I’m just not having as much fun as I used to…I get pissed off at everything, and I don’t want to be like that.  Part of it is the unhappiness with the new guild members, and resulting lack of people to do anything with, and part of it is just a general feeling of boredom…I need to do some groups without having to resort to the pug from hell in order to do it.

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