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Just giving you fair warning – it’s been a long week, I’m tired, and here’s a shortlist of things that have irritated me recently:

1.  Employment agencies.  My mobile, which I want to keep on during the day, rings constantly because I have a CV on Monster.  Send me a fricken email, for gods sake, so I can respond to you at my leisure, not at yours.

2.  Cyclists.  On the only fast stretch of road on my commute, everyone had to crawl along because of a spandex-clad cyclist insisting on their right to ride in the centre of the lane.  There’s a lot of traffic coming the other way, so traffic backed up for miles behind his pink-clad ass as his majesty rode in spendour at the head of the procession.

3.  Shelf-stockers at markets.  I don’t know what it is about the UK, but the shelf-stackers are very self-important about their jobs, and will totally block access to the food that you want to buy while they stack shelves.  Wtf?  You’re stacking it because I goddam BUY it, and if I can’t buy it, then I guess there’s no need for stock boys, is there?  Move aside, because my shopping is paying for your wages.

4.  The cat, who at 4:00 am this morning decided to spend five minutes hacking up the world’s largest hairball.  And then Phil woke up and had an asthma attack.  I got up and played Warcraft until 7:00 am this morning.

Well, that was my week.  How was yours?  :D

3 thoughts on “Cranky Post”

  1. You’re too passive…

    Point 2 – employ the wing mirrors – it’s what they there for…

    Point 3 – replace ‘wing mirrors’ with shopping trolley – it’s what it’s there for.

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