Covers: On Hiatus

Currently I am finishing all current cover commissions and then taking a hiatus of sorts, so I won’t be taking on any new cover work for the next couple of months. I am currently working on edits for The Clockwork Bluebird, as well as finishing The Tatterdemalion Dancer. I’m also taking some time to rest and recharge and do some art for myself. The problem with deciding to do something that you love professionally is that you lose a bit of the joy of sheer wild-assed creation, which I’m currently trying to regain. I love all my authors, though, and will miss you all very much!

I also want to think about a change to the way that I do covers. Unique stock is difficult to come by and with the growth of self-publishing there are a lot of covers out there all using the same stock models. What I want to do is shoot my own stock and offer bespoke covers that will be truly unique to your project.

That’s the plan, anyway. In the meantime I’m going to be working on getting my happy thoughts back. Like Tootle’s marbles, they’ve somehow gone missing. :)


Sea of Dreams

9 thoughts on “Covers: On Hiatus”

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    Okay, I got that off my chest…. lol. I’m only joking. I will miss you, Ravven and I do hope you’ll come back to us bright and refreshed. I hope you’ll be back by October / November for the next Morgan Sisters cover! What would I do without you?
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

  2. Nooo!! I was just going to send you a request for two covers! Lol!
    I understand the need to recharge, though. I’m looking forward to seeing your new work with original photos!

  3. Enjoy your time off and make lots of art! I hope you’ll be back by the time I need a cover for Ironhand! *crosses fingers*

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  5. Thanks, everyone, I appreciate it. I’ll be back soon, and you know that you are all “friends and family” and I’ll always be honored to do covers with you! And thank you, Frankie – what a wonderful offer! <3

  6. I hope the time off refreshes you. I enjoy stopping by to browse your work, and can’t wait to see you back and enjoying yourself again. :)

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