Cover Reveal: Vorisin by Orion Al-Shamma-Jones

And again, a new cover reveal! I love these and find them very exciting in a totally vicarious way. I love working with my authors, as the cover design is very much an act of partnership between author (the person who really knows the book, and who is totally invested in it) and myself (the book cover designer, who tries to balance the author’s ideas with a design that both looks good aesthetically and will hopefully help sell the book).

I try to support authors by getting the word out however I can: Facebook, Pinterest, this blog, Twitter. Hopefully at least some of that is retweeted or shared and brings a few more readers in. Readers can do the same – tell people on your friends list! Another incredibly important thing is leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Honest reviews, of course – but if you loved it, say so!

Back to the original subject. :) Vorisin is a monthly serial novel by Orion Al-Shamma-Jones, with Part 1 coming November 20, 2012.


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