*cough* *cough*

My throat hurts. My ears hurt. There is nasty stuff dripping down my infected throat, glass in my joints, and a fat lady sitting on my chest. I woke up at 2:00 am this morning, and sat up for a couple of hours drinking scotch to try to sear the infection in my throat and chest. A catnap, and then the alarm went off at 6:00. I’m tired, and cranky, and easily irritated by the constant chitchat and noise here. Boo.

Lizzie has an appointment for Monday to have the proud flesh carved off her leg, which hopefully won’t decide to grow back again. This is so frustrating. She’s still on antibiotics, painkillers/antiinflammatories, etc., and I’m turning her out in the small “sick paddock” because she’s impossible to handwalk. She gallops up and down the fence like a metronome.

I wish I could find the key to what she needs. I’ve never seen such a tense, unhappy horse. She does nicker at me now, and she’ll settle somewhat if I’m sitting on the paddock fence (in the sense that she’ll pace half-circles around me rather than running the fence line), so she must have some recognition and/or attachment to me. I need someone who can communicate telepathically with horses to tell me what is going through her head, why she is so unhappy and wired.

Kip, as always, is the total opposite – happy, content, lazy but with a sunny personality. I must be crazy to be considering selling him.

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  1. Is there a horse whisperer around? Maybe that would help give you some insight.

    Oi! I don’t remember sitting on your chest. I’m POSITIVE I’d have remembered that! ;P

  2. catwithclaws

    and sat up for a couple of hours drinking scotch to try to sear the infection in my throat and chest.

    Is that a legit treatment? I might try that next time…

    (feel better! get both you and Lizzie healed up so the good stuff can start happening :) )

  3. Yes, you can feel it disinfecting as it goes down. Or perhaps you just get drunk enough to not care anymore. Who cares? :)

  4. There must be a reason Lizzie is so highly strung. I know it is expensive but would it be worth getting a horse psychologist to have a look at her. Hope you feel better soon. I am sure summer colds always feel worse than winter ones.

  5. dryadmeagenn

    Hmm, since she calms down somewhat when you are there, maybe she just wants a friend? You like goats and goats make good stablemates for horses–sleep in their stalls with them, you can turn it out with her (well as long as she’s on solo turn-out), and they’ll eat the same things Lizzie does (and then some…). It might be worth a try to see if you can lease one for a week or a month with an option to buy if it works out. A small pony sometimes works as well, but Kip would be unhappy about that-LOL- or he’d finally get it through his head that they won’t eat him… little fetlock biters (giggle).

    Hmm, but given a goat’s tendency to eat anything in sight–it Lizzie is wearing bandages, cover the outside with soap after they’re wrapped. Laundry soap works great (powdered, dampened into a paste to apply) and gives you a head-start on the laundry. :) And NOTHING likes the taste of soap–it even helps with cribbers and wind-suckers…

  6. Yes, I was thinking that racehorses like her are given goat companions to settle them…but the owners of the farm have a MASSIVE house with very extensive gardens, and I couldn’t keep a goat from desecrating them. :) Ideally, I would turn her out with the other horses, but they all hate her and she gets injured. :(

  7. Well, not all stablemates are goats. I’ve heard of chickens and critters like that as well… even dogs or cats. It’s really just is whatever animal will bond with her.

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