Cost vs. Enjoyment

Here, Blizzard.  Take my wallet, here are my cards.  Let me just give you my pin numbers to make it easier for you, I don’t mind.  Anything to feed the addiction.  I’ll buy as many expansions as you want to put out, and I’ll pay for the collector’s edition to boot.

Today I moved Kitsune back to the original server, although I hated doing so.  I needed to get all the primals and gold from the bank alt back to Ravven.  I still have Miz’ mage, whom I’ll play on Moonglade, but Kit is back home.

We’ve spent a fortune moving characters around from server to server, and account to account.  We have four accounts for two people, and I haven’t counted how much we’ve spent on playing.  A lot, if you add in gaming computers, Logitech keyboards, widescreen monitors, etc.  But you know what?  As something that we spend so much time doing, it’s worth it.  I’m sure the average person in our neighborhood spends much more than this on fags and drinking down at the pub every night.  (An aside: using the word “fags” for cigarettes, even though that’s common usage here, feels so very wrong and offensive for an American.)  We’re not exactly short of money, so it’s a moot issue…and yet, and yet…if I told anyone in my family how much money and time we spend on playing, they would be appalled.

It’s a value judgement, really.  Although I’m sure if we saved up all the money that we spend, we could afford a holiday somewhere every year.  But it’s  worth it.  We play together, we play with friends and make new ones, and our leisure time is challenging and rewarding and immersive.  TV won’t give you that.

Is this foolish?  Perhaps.  But no more so than anything else that people spend time and money on.  It makes me happy.

3 thoughts on “Cost vs. Enjoyment”

  1. Aww, Fox Girl is off Moonglade, no more morning chats…
    Well, I did mistake of moving character from home server and it did not solved anything, only made me even more lonely, so, I kind of understand you.
    All the best Kitsune, enjoy your WoW experience, you paid for it! Not only with money, but also with time and emotions.
    For me, it is still worth it.

  2. Gamers always were and will (at least for some time) be laughed at because of playing games. What’s the difference between a game and every other hobby in the world? Why playing games is being referred to as “childish”, even though it develops a person a whole lot more than watching a stupid TV show?
    If you’re having fun, by all means you should continue playing.

    Don’t think it’s foolish, just because you’re rarely understood.

  3. i got my job bcoz i was able to impresses the interviewers by saying that warcraft develops macro and micro management skills along with team play ability. :-P

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