Connectedness and Privacy


And this is what makes all the wipe runs worth it…that night that you waltz in and one-shot the boss that you’ve been struggling with.  Void Reaver down.  :)

There was a recent post on my realm forums about a Facebook group for our server.  My immediate thought was “what a great idea, I’ll join now” and my second thought was that I couldn’t, since Facebook uses your real name.  It’s disappointing.  There needs to be a middle ground between openness (is that a word?) and privacy.  For instance, I would love to have a main screen name (I use Ravven for everything, for gaming and writing and my art), but also set up a list of real names that people can find you under, so that you can approve contact with anyone who finds you.

We’re struggling with those issues now on the social networking site that I’m working on. We are one of the very few sites that can actually verify a kid’s age, and shelter them accordingly.  A good thing.  But we also need to allow for openness in communities, and also for those kids who for whatever reason cannot at the moment become verified – you don’t want to bar them from the community.  I don’t like the idea of private profiles, since people are more prone to bad behaviour in communities if they feel anonymous – but you have to protect your personal information.

Whichever way we go, in the end, we’ll be making some of the wrong decisions.  That is inevitable.

2 thoughts on “Connectedness and Privacy”

  1. Facebook requires _a_ name, not your real name. Several of my friends are on their, usually with their real first name and then a nom du clef as their surname. So there’s nothing stopping you registering as Ravven Glass (Unless someone else has already done so, of course :-))

  2. I know – I just wish you didn’t have to have two profiles. :) I probably will build another, actually – one for games and art, one for rl stuff.

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