Went walking in the park today, picking up conkers under the chestnut trees in the park. I worked most of the morning in the garden, tidying up and pulling weeds and bastard nettles. It feels good to have a lazy weekend after a busy week at work. :)

Phil is on the front page of two of the papers, after a letter that went out to both the Chronicle and the Guardian (as well as to the police). It is attached here. Pics are here.


As a recent new resident of Congleton, and living near the park, I’ve been dismayed to see the local vandals doing their bit to ruin it for the rest of us. Only recently the bridge was burned and needed new planking; I hear that the bird cage was vandalised, and now the fencing leading to the bridge. I know this because I witness a group of kids doing it. I tried to call the police to alert them, but on calling the local station was re-routed to Macclesfield calling centre, who informed me that Congleton Police station was closed (this is 7 pm on Sunday Sept. 1st). They transferred my call to Northwich, and it rang, and rang and rang. I hung up, and called Macclesfield back to ask if there was an alternative number; “No” said the dispatcher, “It seems that Northwich are taking their time answering the phone tonight..” and she transferred me again. It rang, and rang and rang. I gave up. I decided to do something myself, so I pulled out my camera and shot a few frames. The quality’s not great, but I’m enclosing a few in the hopes that someone will publish them and shame someone into coming forth with some names. After I took the photos, I tried Northwich again and let it ring for a long time – upwards of 30 rings. In frustration I hung up, and am now writing this letter in the hopes that some justice, other than that provided (or not) by the local police forces, will prevail.

Thank you for your time,

Yours, Phil Worthington

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