confessions of a failed raider

Well, it finally happened, as I expected – Kitsune lost her spot as a raiding hunter. It hurt at first – it’s never nice to be replaced, however just and expected the change was.

But after a bit?  It was a huge relief. Not raiding has made a huge difference in my stress and happiness levels, and I get through the long days much better with more sleep. As much as I loved being part of the core group who worked together towards those first boss kills, I think that time of my life is over.

I’ll still play, of course. And I’ll probably fill in when they really need someone. But a huge part of my life has been freed up…and, not inconsequently, I no longer have to put up with all of the immature kids who make up a part of every raiding guild. I’ll still play with the people that I like, but now I’m not forced to do anything.

Although it was a very busy weekend, without time to breathe hardly, I still did some dinking around on a new baby troll hunter. I like her. And I love the fact that she can just run around and explore without pressure, without goals.

It’s a good feeling.

3 thoughts on “confessions of a failed raider”

  1. You probably know, that I thinks its good for you!

    Guild firsts were NOT worth things you had to go through to get them. Enjoy slow pace.

    Btw, now Renald is one step from transfering off Moonglade – seems like I am unable to learn from your story and think I will be happier somewhere else.

  2. Wow, that’s a big change – why are you thinking of transferring? I rather miss Moonglade, at the time it was a good server. Are you thinking about going to another RP realm, or a normal PVE one?

  3. Already transfered – I moved to normal PVE Aszune, where I found excellent guild – Lemmings of the Light, with people literally jumping off cliffs to make new recruits feel comfortable.

    Moonglade is far from bad, but my own guild, Travelers, lost its profile and I didn’t found other to my liking (focusing of social side with 10 man raids and no attendance requirements – you’d be surprised how hard is to find such guild, most are pushing to raid as hard as they possibly can).

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